Bob has practiced law for over 35 years and done hundreds of mediations. He has worked in city and county government as well as legal work for special districts and holds a B.A. in Public Service and Economics and a M.P.A. in Public Administration. His success in settling cases no one thought could settle starts with his willingness to make both parties feel heard and then deal with the real issue–even in emotionally-charged situations. More than once, his perseverance obtained the settlement.

Bob looks for creative solutions that result in two satisfied parties rather than a winner and a loser. He has found solutions for disputes ranging from land swaps to family reconciliations. Bob’s background makes him an excellent choice for faith-based disputes involving churches, non-profits, business partnerships, and families. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Theological Studies. Above all, Bob wants to restore peace.

Bob’s legal and mediation experience is in: eminent domain, real property (title, valuation, easements, neighbor disputes and water), business and commercial disputes, contracts, public entities, business partnerships, probate, wills & trusts, collections.


Lawsuits consume money, waste time, destroy opportunities and increase stress. Spare yourself the lawsuit. Give mediation a chance to give the parties their lives back. Creative solutions are sought to bring a satisfactory settlement which will be a long term solution.

Permit the parties to tell their story and devise a win-win situation. An agreement put together by the parties is almost always better than a judgment. Bob can handle emotionally-charged matters.

Mediations are more likely to resolve the problem while spending less money, time and stress. Mediation can be creative and actually design a solution to the problem, while winning the litigation may not solve the problem.