Bob Andersen has conducted mediations and arbitrations for 10-15 years for both the Riverside County Superior Court and the Riverside County Bar Association.  Bob’s training includes multiple classes at the Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine Law School.  He loves solving problems and wants to think up creative alternatives to settle difficult disputes.  Bob has a member of the California State Bar Committee on Alternative Dispute Resolution from 2012-2015.  In 2015-2016, he is the vice-chairman for the committee.

He has practiced law in Riverside, CA since 1979 and started Andersen Mediations in December, 2013.  He was with the Riverside law firm of Redwine and Sherrill for 26 years.  His legal experience is in:

  • general civil law
  • eminent domain
  • civil litigation
  • real property
  • easements
  • contracts
  • commercial disputes
  • business and government litigation
  • business partnerships
  • water law
  • education law
  • review of law and motion matters
  • foreclosures
  • public entities
  • neighbor disputes
  • collections
  • quiet title
  • taxation question
  • wills, trusts and probate
  • probate and conservatorship issues (including will contests and administration issues)

Bob is a graduate of McGeorge School of Law (1979), has a Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Talbot Seminary (1977) and a Masters of Public Administration from UCLA (1972).  His Bachelor’s degree is in Economics and Public Service from UCLA (1971).    Bob has taught both Business Law and Church Law at California Baptist University.

Bob has a special interest in resolving disputes between churches, between congregants, and between churches and their congregants.  He also is passionate to help reconcile marriages.

Bob has been a member of Toastmasters for 20 years, and has earned the Distinguished Toastmasters designation.  He gives a non-partisan ballot seminar on the propositions every election cycle.  Other activities include time with family (4 grandsons, 3 daughters, and his wife), studying history, and hiking in the national parks.  He moved to Riverside in 1957.

Specific Training


Dates Trainer(s) Title
June 2015 Pepperdine Straus Institute of ADR Advanced Mediation–18 hours
June 2014 Riverside County Bar Association Negotiations with Difficult People and Getting Past Impasse–3 hours
October 2013 Doug Noll Negotiation Mastery for the Legal Pro — 9 hours
October 2013 State Bar of California Negotiations with Difficult People–1.5 hours
March 2012 Peacemakers Ministries Certification Program in Mediation–3 days
October 2011 Peacemakers Ministries Conflict Coaching–3 days
October 2011 Riverside County Bar Association Impasse is a Fallacy, Advanced Mediator’s Forum–2 days
April 2005 California Continuing Education of the Bar Mediation and Arbitration Practice–6 hours
September 2002 California Continuing Education of the Bar Advanced Negotiation Settlement Practices–6 hours
April 2001 Riverside County Bar Association Mediation Continuing Education Program–3 hours
July 1996 Pepperdine Straus Institute of ADR Mediation and Settlement Techniques–18 hours
April 1995 Lexcom Negotiate to Win–6 hours
prior to 1991 Pepperdine Straus Institute of ADR Mediation and Settlement Techniques–18 hours